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Securing Application Data for Mule Applications

Introduction Providing an interface between Mule and external secure property vaults is essential in today’s environment. This is why and how we did it. Challenge One of the most consistent challenges that companies face with today’s security-conscious environment is how to store sensitive application data outside of a source control repository, while still enabling a smooth, automated process for deploying [...]

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Developing a Mule Container Solution from Scratch

IntroductionTo provide an environment for rapid development and deployment of integration applications, we helped a Fortune 500 insurance company build a custom platform, from the ground up, that was similar to private Cloud platforms today.ChallengeYears ago, one of the largest insurance companies in the United States, located in the Midwest, was planning a complete overhaul of their software application infrastructure. [...]

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Benefits of Utilizing API’s for Acquisitions

People ask me all the time, “Isn’t it easier and quicker to write integrations from system to system rather than building an API infrastructure?” My answer is always, “Yes, it is… if you are integrating one system to another.” However, in today’s quickly evolving world, both technically and commercially, organizations hardly ever integrate only one system to another.One clear example [...]

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