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Based in the US, Work Horse Integrations is Certified MuleSoft integrator, offering legacy systems integration and modernization consulting an application integration services through API-led connectivity solutions. Our experienced professionals deliver high quality MuleSoft integration services and complex architectural solutions for IT and legacy business applications in a service-oriented environment.

Enterprise Integration

  • Enterprise Integration Consulting
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • API-Led Connectivity

MuleSoft Consulting

  • MuleSoft-Certified Consultants
  • Long-Standing MuleSoft Relationship
  • MuleSoft Training and Support Expertise

DevOps Solutions

  • Scalable Solution Consulting
  • Continuous Delivery Expertise
  • Operational Efficiency

The Benefits of Utilizing an API Infrastructure
to Support  Acquisition Growth Strategies

Establishing an API strategy to support business strategies means enabling a base from which new
business growth can be extended.

Leveraging an API Infrastructure allows a corporate website to be quickly turned into a mobile app, while transforming client acquisition data into marketing tools.

  • Companies that establish the most robust and advanced APIs can provide a superior customer journey across the enterprise
  • A well-executed API infrastructure streamlines corporate acquisition and integration efforts
  • Integrations are more consistent and effective by re-using business logic